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Experience the Thrill: Why Clearwater Threshers Should Be Your Next Sports Adventure!

The Clearwater Threshers are a dynamic minor league baseball team based in Clearwater, Florida. As part of the Philadelphia Phillies farm system, they offer an exhilarating sporting experience with promising young talents. Attending their games at the spectacular Spectrum Field not only gives fans a taste of high-energy baseball action but also a chance to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather. The Threshers truly represent a perfect blend of sport and entertainment.

Team Name Clearwater Threshers
Sport Baseball
League Low-A Southeast
Established 1985
Location Clearwater, Florida
Stadium BayCare Ballpark
Team Colors Navy blue, light blue, white
Mascot Phinley
Parent Club Philadelphia Phillies
Division Low-A Southeast West
Championships 1 (2007)
Minor League Affiliations Philadelphia Phillies (since 1985)
Logo Design A thresher shark leaping out of the water with a baseball in its mouth
Official Website
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    Unique Baseball Experience

    Choosing Clearwater Threshers gives you an opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of minor league baseball. The team offers a distinct approach to the game, which is more intimate and community-focused compared to the major leagues. Read more

    Outstanding Stadium

    Clearwater Threshers play their home games at the Spectrum Field, an outstanding stadium with great facilities. The stadium offers comfortable seating, excellent viewing angles, and a family-friendly environment that enhances the overall match experience. Read more

    Highly Competitive Team

    The Clearwater Threshers are known for their competitive nature in the Florida State League. The team has produced numerous players who have gone on to achieve great success in the major leagues. Read more

    Affordable Entertainment

    One of the key advantages of choosing Clearwater Threshers games is their affordability. The ticket prices are very reasonable, making it an excellent option for family outings or group events. Read more clearwater threshers

    Community Engagement

    The Threshers are not just about baseball, but also about community engagement. The team is involved in various community service activities making them a beacon of social responsibility in the Clearwater area. Read more

    Player Development

    The Clearwater Threshers are a Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies, which means the team plays a crucial role in developing young talents for the major leagues. Read more

    Promotional Events

    The Threshers regularly host promotional events such as Fireworks Nights, Dollar Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays, enhancing the entertainment value for attendees. Read more

    Convenient Location

    Strategically located in Clearwater, Florida, attending a Threshers game offers a chance to combine baseball with a visit to the beautiful beaches in the area. Read more clearwater threshers

    Great Food and Beverage Options

    Spectrum Field is known for its great variety of food and beverage options. From traditional ballpark fare to more gourmet options, there is something for everyone. Read more

    Safe and Family-Friendly

    Clearwater Threshers games are conducted in a safe, family-friendly environment. The team puts a strong emphasis on ensuring a wholesome and enjoyable experience for fans of all ages. Read more


    1. The Unique Name: Clearwater Threshers
    Clearwater Threshers isn't your typical baseball team name, but it has a unique charm associated with it. The team is named after the thresher shark, a powerful and agile creature found in the Gulf of Mexico. This unusual choice of mascot symbolizes the team's strength and speed on the baseball field.
    2. The Spectrum Field: A Baseball Paradise
    The Clearwater Threshers' home, Spectrum Field, is a baseball paradise. The stadium, built in 2004, has a seating capacity of 8,500 people and offers a 360-degree concourse, a tiki bar, and a playground for children. It's not just a place to watch the game, but a venue for a comprehensive family entertainment experience.
    3. Affiliation with Philadelphia Phillies
    The Clearwater Threshers are the Class A-Advanced affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. This partnership, established in 1985, provides the young Threshers with an opportunity to develop their skills under the guidance of a Major League Baseball team.
    4. The Threshers' Famous Alumni
    Over the years, the Clearwater Threshers have produced some remarkable players who have gone on to achieve significant success in their baseball careers. Some of the Threshers' famous alumni include stars like Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, and Carlos Ruiz.
    5. The Mascot: Phinley
    Phinley, the Clearwater Threshers' mascot, is a popular figure among fans. The green, fun-loving thresher shark is always ready to entertain the crowd with his antics. He has become a symbol of the team's spirit and camaraderie.
    6. Community Engagement
    The Clearwater Threshers are deeply involved in their local community. They organize various charity events and educational programs, reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community that supports them.
    7. The Threshers' Winning Streak
    The Clearwater Threshers had an impressive winning streak in 2007. The team won the first half title that year with a 44-25 record, demonstrating their competitive spirit and determination.
    8. Threshers' Merchandise
    The Clearwater Threshers' merchandise is as unique as their name. From jerseys, caps, and t-shirts featuring the team's logo and mascot, to baseballs and mini-bats, the Threshers offer a wide range of merchandise for their fans.
    9. The Threshers' Fireworks Nights
    One of the highlights of the Threshers' games is the post-game fireworks show. On Fireworks Nights, fans not only get to enjoy a thrilling baseball game, but also a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the Clearwater sky.
    10. The Clearwater Threshers' Fan Club
    The Clearwater Threshers' Fan Club offers fans a chance to get closer to their favorite team. Members of the fan club receive exclusive benefits, including special merchandise, meet-and-greet opportunities with players, and early entry to games.


    Clearwater Threshers – A minor league baseball team based in Clearwater, Florida.

    Minor League – Levels of professional baseball leagues that play in the United States and Canada.

    Baseball – A bat-and-ball game played between two opposing teams who take turns batting and fielding.

    Spectrum Field – The home stadium of the Clearwater Threshers.

    Florida State League – The baseball league in which the Clearwater Threshers compete.

    Philadelphia Phillies – The Major League Baseball team with which the Clearwater Threshers are affiliated.

    Batting – The act of hitting the ball with a bat in baseball.

    Fielding – The act of catching or throwing a baseball.

    Pitcher – The player who throws the baseball from the pitcher's mound toward the catcher.

    Catcher – The baseball player positioned behind home plate, who catches pitches from the pitcher.

    Infielder – A player positioned in the infield, which is the area of the field inside the bases.

    Outfielder – A player positioned in the outfield, which is the area of the field beyond the infield.

    Home Run – A hit in baseball where the batter is able to circle all the bases, ending at home plate.

    Strikeout – An instance in which a batter is out because the pitcher has thrown three strikes.

    Ball – A pitch that is not struck at by the batter and does not pass through the strike zone.

    Foul Ball – A batted ball that lands outside the field of play.

    Base – One of four points on the baseball field that a player must touch in order to score a run.

    Run – A point scored in baseball when a player advances around the bases and returns to home plate.

    Umpire – An official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules.

    Dugout – A sheltered area on a baseball field for the players.

    Bullpen – The area where baseball pitchers warm up.

    Bat – A smooth wooden or metal club used in baseball to hit the ball.

    Glove – A large leather hand covering used in baseball to catch the ball.

    Uniform – Clothing worn by members of a team to identify them during a game.

    Mascot – A person, animal, or object adopted by a team to bring them good luck and to symbolize their team.

    Manager – The person in charge of a baseball team.

    Coach – A person who trains and instructs the players of a baseball team.

    Inning – A period of play in baseball during which each team has a turn at bat.

    Double Play – A defensive play in which two offensive players are put out as a result of continuous action.

    Triple-A – The highest level of play in Minor League Baseball.

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